389409_10100373233224445_2069967377_n-2Duchamp in the Office

Marcel Duchamp was an iconoclast. His readymades – artworks that were made of existing objects – challenged the definition of art and what role artists play in their creation. Duchamp’s readymades required viewers to take a second (and third) look at a urinal, a snow shovel or a bicycle wheel and ponder their aesthetic qualities.

Duchamp’s unique ability to turn the existing world upside down is the inspiration behind Duchamp in the Office.

Duchamp in the Office is a website that brings together artists and business professionals to talk about creativity, inspiration and work. Like the readymades, it takes familiar concepts, ideas, and images and reimagines them. It features editorial about work habits and ways that the artistic discipline solve everyday challenges. Books within this area are also reviewed as are profiles of up and coming artists. There will also be on-going “thought projects” where readers can participate by submitting videos, photos, and articles.

Duchamp in the Office’s over arching theme is making contemporary art accessible and practical.


Jeanette Joy Harris

Jeanette Joy Harris is an artist and writer from Houston, Texas who currently studies history of art at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She has had solo and collaborative photography, installation, and video works shown in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Portland, and San Francisco.  Her photography show “Vanishing Discotecas” which focuses on East Downtown Houston Development and Latino Dance Clubs is scheduled for March 2016 at Lawndale Art Center in conjunction with FotoFest “Changing Circumstances: Looking at the Future of the Planet.”  She has published art criticism for  TribTalk, Glasstire, and Illusion. With a background in philosophy and politics, Joy has also presented academic work on the concepts of public space and action, particularly in the work of Hannah Arendt. For more information about Joy, click here.



Jessica Browdy

297183_10151176588418513_913345135_nJessica Browdy is a South Florida based designer, artist and builder. She attended the University of Florida were she graduated magna cum laude in Architecture with a focus on Art History. Her studies included historic preservation as well as experimenting with the internal permeable life of architecture as a vessel and how it’s juxtaposed at the urban edge. She went on to work in architecture but began to focus her work on constructability. Her interest in art focuses on how artists form and construct their works into their final forms.


Lindsay Scherr Burgess

1507923_10202241779579351_1138821965_nLindsay is a lover of art, Miami, and organic food. When she is not busy doing Business Development for the organic produce buying club, Endlessly Organic, Lindsay is cooking for friends, attending art shows, killing it in Bikram Yoga, or losing herself in her Netflix queue. She and her husband, Jon, enjoy doing art together and are very inspired by the up-and-coming art scene in Miami.